Embedded System Lab

The embedded systems are highly optimized to perform limited duties of particular needs. They can be control, process, medical, signal, and image processing applications. The importance of embedded systems is growing continuously. Exponentially increasing computing power, ubiquitous connectivity and convergence of technology have resulted in hardware/software systems being embedded within everyday products and places.

Aim of Research

  • To develop and promote human resources to be expertise in controlling consumer electronic devices of a variety of materials system.
  • To develop and promote human resources who can control the supply chain in factories and workshops.
  • To outcome the computer technology professionals in electronic circuit layouts design.
  • To emerge the technician, professionals and entrepreneurs who can work and help for the government in developing stage.

Domain of Research

  • Microcontroller Programming
  • Control Systems Engineering
  • Robotics Control System Engineering
  • Electronic Design Engineering
  • Printed Circuit Design
  • Embedded System Design
  • Industrial Based Robotic Control System

The current implementation of the lab

Currently, Mr. Kengo TAKEDA, JICA Volunteer is giving training for the basic concept of Embedded System from March to December 2015. Trainings will also cooperate with other institutes.

Member of Embedded System

Dr. Khin Than Mya
Professor and Head
Embedded System

Dr. Nyein Nyein Lwin
Associate Professor
Embedded System

Dr. Twe Ta Oo
Embedded System
Daw Haymar Mo Mo Lwin
Embedded System

Daw Hlwam Maint Htet
Staff Officer
Embedded System
U Myo Thet Htun
Staff Officer Grade-2
Embedded System


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