Research Labs

Natural Language Processing Lab

To overcome language barrier since language processing is becoming more and more important in globalization age, today

Geographic Information System Lab

Intend to establish the Geographic Information System database of Myanmar land and sharing the information with other nations

Image Processing Lab

Image is very useful for the communication carries in most media such as newspaper, TV, camera and so on.

Mobile and Wireless Computing Lab

To support research and teaching process related to mobile computing

Embedded System Lab

To develop and promote human resources who can control the supply chain in factories and workshops

Cyber Security Research Lab

To promote the human and social sciences for a better understanding of security issues

Cisco Network Lab

To integrate Cisco Networking Academy curricula into the existing degree program of UCSY

cloud computing
Cloud Computing Lab

To produce more experts who have the practical ability in cloud computing environment

Artificial Intelligence Lab

To do research and projects concerning Artificial Intelligence

Computer Graphics and Visualization

To produce more experts who have the practical ability in computer science subjects based on theory

Database System Lab

To research and develop projects concerning data handling effectively in terms of educational data mining, data science and data deduplicaton

Software Engineering Lab

Intended for students to develop a larger piece of software in which to learn group work

Numerical Analysis Lab

To research computerized solving system by using Numerical iteration process for implemented iteration process model practically

Operation Research Lab

To research modeling nature of Real World problems by means of suitable system in Operations Research

UCSY-Ishibashi Lab

To achieve high quality of multimodal communications by handling information about haptic sense


Call for Papers MURC - 2020

Myanmar Universities’ Research Conference (2020) will be held at University of Yangon on May 23 – 25, 2020.

Call for Papers ICCA - 2020

The 2020 IEEE Conference on Computer Applications (ICCA) will be organized by University of Computer Studies, Yangon, under Ministry of Education, Myanmar and co-organized by Nagoya Institute of Technology, Japan.

NJPSC 2020

The National Journal of Parallel and Soft Computing will be published in University of Computer Studies, Yangon on 2020.

Oriental COCOSDA 2020

The 23nd Conference of Oriental COCOSDA will be hosted by the University of Computer Studies, Yangon (UCSY). With the Myanmar hosting Oriental COCOSDA for the first time, we turn a new leaf to continually help boost the research and development in the field of speech technology and for further enthusiasm towards speech technology in East and Southeast Asia.

ProMAC 2019

13th International Conference on Project Management, Yangon, Myanmar, 12 November - 16 November, 2019

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